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FOCUS Business Optimized Video Conferencing allows businesses to conduct IP-based meetings among participants virtually anyplace in the world. All that companies need to participate in a secure business meeting is a computer, a broadband internet connection and a telephone.

The FOCUS Intelligent Camera System (ICS) is an easy-to-use system that enables participants control over the meeting via on-screen commands. At the same time, the software built into the system provides protection and security.

On-Screen Controls
Intuitive Graphical User Interface
Point and Click Capability
Pan, Tilt, Zoom Controls
Host or Remote User Controllable
Administrative and Scheduling Modules

System Provisions
Dynamic Password Security
Integrated Linux Server
Intelligent Camera Software License
Central Server Functions and Services
Unlimited availability 24/7

Software Maintenance and Updates
Installation Planning Assistance
2 hours Professional Training
Additional time available
ICS Exchange Service Maximum Uptime Program
   Focus Environment Features and Services
Integrated Web Conferencing
Full Range of Audio Conferencing Products
Automated Conference Invitation
Desktop and Application Sharing
Create and Access Digital Video Library
Auxiliary Remote Camera
High Performance Internet Access
Network Solutions Professional Installation/Cabling

Package Upgrades Available

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